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HOPE Eternity Sattelstütze Aluminium schwarz 30.9 mm x 400 mm

Gewicht 276 Gramm
Made inBarnoldswick - UK


The custom Altium T6 aluminium tubing is the start point for the post. It s superior mechanical strength, fatigue and corrosion resistance were chosen as a perfect match for the precision 5 axis machining of the face and taper head and clamp. The design allows free and infinite adjustment of angle and fore/aft positioning of the saddle, with the security of more fiddly cradle style designs.

The 3D machining of the head and clamp parts is in keeping with all other parts in the Hope range. Low weight, strength and practicality prevail and this is backed up with the 2 x M6 high tensile fixing bolts holding everything together.

The post is anodised (black) and laser etched with all the usual post information. The head clamp parts are silver, with coloured fixings as an aftermarket option (to match the 5 other standard colours in the range)

- CNC Machined in Barnoldswick, England
- 2014 T6, 5 axis CNC machined, inline head and clamp
- 2 bolt infinitely adjustable clamp
- Altium alloy tube
- Anodised and laser etched


Shop // Marken // HOPE Sattelstuetzen // FE-049.660