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HOPE Kurbel / Crankset - NO SPIDER - 30 mm - 68/73 mm - 175 mm - orange

Gewicht ca 560 Gramm
Made inBarnoldswick - UK


Die neuen HOPE Cranks sind auf Bestellung auch in anderen Kombinationen [Kurbellänge, Achslänge und Farbe] lieferbar. Rufen Sie uns an oder senden Sie uns ein Mail.]

The final crank design features a unique expanding spline axle/arm interface (pat pending). Previously, cranks with splines often used a taper to ensure a snug fit. These cranks worked fine the first time they were fitted to the axle, but once they d been taken off and on a few times, the spline became worn, so they d suffer from the inevitable movement and annoying creak.

To solve this problem we settled on a unique expanding spline. The cranks are pulled onto a spline, then a tapered plug is fitted inside the axle which can be tightened up each time the arm is refitted - giving a perfect fit every time.

Added to this we CNC machine the arms from forgings which gives them immense stiffness and strength. The arms also have a splined mounting for spiders and direct mount sprockets giving excellent versatility. The spiders are available in either single (104 BCD) or double (64/104 BCD) ring configuration.

The cranks use a 30mm axle and are compatible with the majority of bottom bracket systems via our expanded range of bottom brackets.

Material: Forged and CNC machined 7000 series aluminium alloy crank arms
Length = 165, 170 and 175mm
Q-Factor = 167mm
Chainline = 49mm
Axle Diameter = 30mm
Expanding spline crank arm/axle interface (pat pending)
3-piece construction
Versatile Spline mount for chainring/spider
Chainring mounting: Spiderless Retainer chainrings 26T to 36T
Chainring mounting: Spider Single 104BCD and Double 64/104BCD
Colours: black, red, blue, purple and orange

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30 mm Innenlager-Durchmesser

Die Tretlagerachse kann einfach getauscht werden. Zusätzliche Achsen sind in den Längen 140 (Standart), 155, 172 und 192 mm für Tretlagerbreiten von 68 mm bis 120 mm lieferbar. Wir geben Ihnen gerne Auskunft und Beraten Sie.


Shop // Marken // HOPE Kurbeln + Antrieb MTB // FE-046.528